Secret Beauty Kim Tae Hee Without Plastic Surgery

Paras gorgeous actress Kim Tae Hae could make it dubbed as the ‘Goddess of the Nation’. In fact, he managed to mollify the singer-actor handsome and famous South Korea, Rain.

Perhaps many who thought that all South Korean celebrities certainly do plastic surgery to improve the appearance. But in reality, not all celebrities do. Rain future wife was admitted to not having plastic surgery. Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Secret Beauty Kim Tae Hee Without Plastic Surgery
Only a series of simple treatment that is recognized Tae Hee as her beauty secret.

A few years ago, this 36 year old woman never reveal the secrets of her beauty. One of the most important is to maintain the condition of the skin to remain healthy.

Because, as an actress, her skin exposed to light cameras and hot lights. This will make the skin become dry faster.

“I go and receive treatment from a dermatologist before filming. If my skin is dry, I will use a moisturizer before bed. If there are stains, I will use the lotion alone,” he said, reported by allkpop.

“I’m pretty loud about skin care.”

Tae Hee later admitted that he rarely experienced drastic changes in body weight. Only he says often have difficulty maintaining body weight so that her face did not look fat.

For that, consistently him as much as possible to take the time to do physical activity. Although occasionally had to leave because of busy work schedule.

“I prefer outdoor sports. I often walk around Nam San or the Han River, or while filming the movie” Grand Prix “in Jeju Island I walked along the beach,” he said.

“Walk while enjoying the view is [how] the best exercise,” he added.

On the other hand, although often receive praise as the idol of the ideal woman for men, Tae Hee has his own views. He admitted would love to get compliments, but he never thought that he could always be like that.

“I think that I have to work to create something more interesting. I believe that I should be more mature and wise, to any natural beauty radiates,” he said.