Why the name of Operation ‘plastic’?

Plastic surgery is a surgery that is not easy. You need to graduate from medical school and residency location of the stretcher has at least 5 years, lana del rey plastic surgery. The word plastic in plastic oprasi taken from the Greek word which means to form. Because plastic surgery is actually just to establish or reconstruct the face or other body parts

Plastic surgery is already there from the 6th century in India. Many writings and notes from India for example Shushtra Samhita is a source that can look back from where the word plastic and plastic surgery practice in doing. Usually to change his forehead and nose. The procedure usually bigger in plastic oprasi done by taking the skin of the forehead and lifting the skin so it looks tight

Plastic surgery today is the answer to a problem not only kosmitika. but also medical questions. For example, when an accident or incident that they a body feature. It can do plastic surgery to reconstruct parts of the body. For example, the natural accident in Harrington James. The doctor may take skin and muscle from her back to reconstruct his face damaged by the train wreck in 2009. This procedure is then developed by a man named Sir Gillies and McIndoe Archibad cousins ​​during World War 2.

Doctors realized, the faces can be made normal tempak after an accident. So why not perfect? of a normal face to be perfect is a new concept that actually. From 1940 to 1950. Many plastic oprasi demand on the nose and more and more popular. Namely Operation plastic tits.